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This toolkit includes communications assets to help you make the case for afterschool across a variety of audiences and platforms. You’ll find new and updated materials, including an engagement calendar with sample social content, message guides, factsheets, videos, graphics, imagery, and examples of localized materials.

Updated November 2022: Check the Message Guides accordion for the latest message research, including on education funding by Lake Research Partners and on SEL and academics supported by Wallace.

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Note: The content of this website is designed for educating and engaging a variety of audiences. If materials are used or adapted for use in lobbying activities (e.g., asking for a vote on a specific piece of legislation), you must use funds from another source. No Mott funds may be used for direct or grassroots lobbying. 

Maximizing ARP Opportunities: Handouts & Tools

File Description
Presentation: State Afterschool Funding Strategies

This deck highlights innovative approaches different states are using to fund afterschool and can be helpful to states that are looking to continue ARPA investments through state-level funding streams. Adapt this tool to make the case for investing in OST.

Handout: A Summer of Growth & Learning

A factsheet about the urgent need for school districts to partner with summer programs. Summarizes ARPA resources, the evidence base for summer, and research-based strategies for successful summer programs. This can be tailored for state use.

Tools for Engaging Local Education Leaders

A simple cheat sheet with 5 strategies to help you reach out to local education leaders. Includes step by step guidance, templates, handouts and sample materials different states are using to engage with state leaders, district leaders and schools. Includes link to the Afterschool Alliance LEA outreach kit.

Handout: Comprehensive Afterschool

A one pager that describes and defines comprehensive afterschool programs, including what the evidence shows about outcomes, a puzzle graphic detailing program components, and the key principles for effective programs. This piece can easily be localized for states.

Handout: Key Principles for Expanded Learning to Support Student Re-Engagement (Short & Long Versions)

Updated March 2021: A one-page summary that can be used to guide expanded learning policy and implementation at the local, state, and federal levels, which is particularly important as our country moves to recovery from COVID-19.
And click here to download the full 5-page guide to expanded learning policy and implementation at the local, state, and federal levels, which is particularly important as our country moves to recovery from COVID-19.

Handout (Template): LEA Outreach

An easy-to-tailor template (in Google slides) to help states engage with LEAs. This piece explains the value of partnering with afterschool, describes elements of comprehensive afterschool and presents the evidence base for student outcomes. Also includes option to highlight a partnership between a provider and school/district.

Content Gathering (Template): Create & Share Stories/Profiles about Maximizing ARP Funds

Use this tool to create stories and profiles about partnerships that have helped improve the quality of OST programs, expand OST program offerings, and/or serve more kids through afterschool and summer programs. Includes questions to consider and ideas for different types of materials, such as stories, program profiles, graphics, and audiograms.

Handout (Template): State ARP Outreach

An easy to tailor one pager that explains how American Rescue Plan funds flow in your state and the unique ways your network can help state education agencies maximize supports for students. Includes funding information from this source and a story callout. See how Minnesota customized this with specific asks!

Tools for Engaging State Education Leaders

Guidance and tools to help networks engage SEAs and make the case for using ARP funds to support afterschool and summer. Includes how to develop your asks, resources about funding, materials from other states, and a sample letter to the state commissioner of education. The Afterschool Alliance team will continue to add tools as they’re developed.

Timeline: ESSER Funding (2020-2028)

A timeline noting legislative activity, funding release dates, fund deadlines and guidance for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds provided in pandemic relief bills. Includes links to resources from Congress, US Department of Education, and CDC.

Presentations for Education Groups

A slide deck that describes funding opportunities available via the ARP and considerations for federal, state and local decisionmakers. PLUS! Sample slide decks states are using to engage with education leaders: A KY school boards ppt about partnering with state education organizations and a WV ppt about partnerships between districts and OST.

Handout: How Afterschool Supports Students' Learning

A document that describes the ways in which afterschool and summer learning programs support the whole child, providing essential supports for academic, social and emotional learning. Details how partnering with OST ensures more time for engaged learning, supports youth well-being, sustains connections to families, addresses inequities.

Handout: Afterschool Essential for COVID Recovery

A two-page handout that describes how afterschool and summer learning programs are essential for meeting kids’ needs and addressing inequities. It also explains why COVID relief funds are needed with specific examples of how they would be used. This is a national piece that can be tailored for state use.

ESSER Handouts (Editable in Word)

Make the case for using ESSER funding for OST. ESSER Afterschool and Summer Programs explains why programs are so important and provides state data about how many kids are missing out. ESSER learning loss explains different ways funds can be used to address learning loss. These were adapted from resources posted by Indiana DOE.

Site Visit Toolkit

Tips and templates to help you plan and execute successful site visit.

Engage Every Student

File Description
Tools for State Networks

Messaging tools to help state networks introduce and explain Engage Every Student to key partners, including talking points about how the initiative can help in your state, a sample email and blog post.

Engage Every Student Graphics

Learning Recovery Graphics

A collection of graphics for Facebook and Twitter. Click on the graphic to download a high quality file. Please contact us for editable art files.

Forging Futures

Data & Animation


Help Kids Recover

Message Guides & Templates for Op-eds and Stories

File Description
Message Guides & Templates for Op-eds and Stories

Find a collection of message guides in this drive on topics including accelerating learning and recovery, summer, back to school, working parents, keeping kids safe, and more! These messages can be tailored for state use and if you need help developing messages, please email:

Story Design Template: Helping Kids Learn and Grow

Use this as an example to design your afterschool stories related to student achievement and outcomes.

Story Design Template: Keeping Kids Safe

Use this as an example to design your after school stories about how afterschool helps keep kids safe.

Story Design Template: Supporting Parents

Use this as an example to design your after school stories about how afterschool helps parents keep their jobs and support their families.

Message Research

A short summary of the latest message research about afterschool.

Education Funding Equity Messaging

A short summary of survey results on messaging surrounding school funding, goals of education, public school priorities, and equity.

OST Programs Paving the Way

A short summary of a research study to understand how parents, teachers, and program providers perceive the role of out-of-school-time programs in children’s social, emotional, and academic development, to help inform communications, programs, and policy.

Afterschool COVID-19 Surveys

A short summary of surveyed parents’ perceptions of afterschool programs since the pandemic.

COVID Briefing Tools & Background

File Description
Making the Case to LEAs (Briefing Tool)

Use this tool to help you speak with principals, superintendents, and school boards about using COVID-19 recovery dollars to support students with afterschool and summer learning programs.

Template Letter to Governor on COVID Relief Funds for Afterschool and Summer

A sample letter describing specific asks for Governors to consider in supporting afterschool and summer programs utilizing the opportunities in the federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act.

CRSSA: Opportunities for Afterschool and Summer (Briefing Tool)

This document provides guidance to help afterschool state and local leaders connect their work to the new legislation passed in response to COVID-19 in December 2020 and maximize new and existing funding opportunities.
For more information – use this backgrounder on CRSSA funding opportunities that includes information about key decisionmakers and timing.

Partnering with Schools to Reopen and Meet Students’ Needs

A resource to help afterschool leaders identify and communicate specific ways programs can support students and schools for different reopening scenarios, including in-person, fully remote and hybrid approaches.

A Blueprint for Supporting Schools

A handout that describes a vision for how afterschool providers, community partners and schools can work together to build a better learning day for all of our kids, including by providing increased access to smaller classes and personalized learning; positive youth development; academic enrichment; and better aligned services.

Reopening Schools: Tools to Engage School Leaders and Parents

A webpage posted by Afterschool Alliance with one-pagers and a simple 5-step plan to help ensure afterschool programs are included in schools’ strategies for reopening and meeting students’ needs.

Partnering with Schools to Reopen: Sample Language

A sample email and letter that make the case for including afterschool in discussions and planning around reopening schools. These can be adapted by state networks and/or providers and sent to education stakeholders.

Handout: COVID-19 Recovery Backgrounder

A four-page handout that describes why afterschool and summer learning programs are important and effective; outlines the support we need for reopening; and provides specific calls-to-action by audience.

Internal Guide: COVID-19 Resources

This is an internal document designed to help afterschool professionals understand and communicate about COVID-19 legislation and the important role afterschool and summer learning programs play during the crisis and through recovery. It includes: a backgrounder on COVID-19 legislation; talking points about afterschool and COVID-19; briefing tools for speaking about the CARES Act with stakeholders, policymakers, and LEAs; a template OpEd; a template letter to your governor; example letters to state superintendents of education; and an example of a youth advocate policy memo.

Handout: COVID-19 Stimulus Funding Guidance for Summer Learning

A one-page overview, created by the National Summer Learning Association, that describes what can be funded and how to advocate for funds to support summer learning.

AA3 Materials & National Factsheets

File Description
America After 3PM Toolkit

(Updated with Rural AA3 Materials!) Your resource for all materials related to the latest America After 3PM reports, including on STEM and summer programs. You’ll find social media posts, graphics and artwork you can localize, as well as template tools, state and national fact sheets, and news releases.

National factsheet: 21st CCLC - This is Afterschool

National Challenge factsheet that describes programs’ essential role throughout the pandemic, latest 21st CCLC and AA3 data, and role of ARPA in supporting the field. (Updated May 2022)

State Factsheets: 21st CCLC - This is Afterschool

Find your state’s 2022 21st CCLC one-pager from the Afterschool for All Challenge. (Updated May 2022)

Factsheet: 21st CCLC

National overview of 21st CCLC programs, participants and evaluation data. (Updated May 2022)

Factsheet: The Evidence Base for Afterschool and Summer (21st CCLC)

A research brief with supporting evidence for afterschool and summer programs. (Updated April 2021)

Facsheet: The Academic and Social Emotional Benefits of 21st CCLC

A research brief about the academic and social and emotional benefits of 21st CCLC programs. (Updated April 2021)

Factsheet: This is Afterschool STEM

A summary of the unique value of afterschool STEM and the latest research demonstrating student outcomes. (June 2021)

Factsheet: Thriving in Afterschool: Promoting Healthy Futures

A summary of how afterschool and summer programs are rising to the moment to support kids and families dealing with COVID-19-related stressors. (June 2021)

Factsheet: This is Afterschool (CTE)

A summary about the benefits of partnerships between CTE and afterschool programs.

Factsheet: This is Afterschool (Workforce)

A summary of research showing how afterschool is uniquely positioned to help address workforce gaps and prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow. (March 2020)

Cannabis Tax Revenue

File Description
Cannabis Tax Revenue Messaging Guide and Materials

This Google Drive contains a messaging guide and example materials to help you position afterschool as a proactive, preventative strategy for substance use and misuse and a viable, smart option for directing investments back into your state’s communities. The messaging guide also includes specific steps and calls to action to help you generate support along your journey no matter where your state stands on cannabis legalization today.

Recruit Staff & Engage Families: Tools & Materials

File Description
Staff Recruitment Toolkit (Includes Summer Materials)

Collection of materials to help state networks and program providers recruit/hire new staff. Includes ideas for securing funds to increase wages, outreach strategies, messages, and easy-to-tailor flyers and graphics. Looking for summer recruitment materials? You’ll find them at this link and check out the Vermont Network’s 2021 Summer Matters website for an example of a robust summer campaign.

Backgrounder: Securing Funds for OST Workforce - Recruitment & Retention

A handout summarizing the challenges afterschool programs face in recruiting, hiring, and retaining staff, and the federal relief programs that can support increases to staff pay.

Family Outreach: Tools to Recruit Parents & Families

Tools to promote afterschool programs to parents and families, including flyers, social graphics, sample emails and social posts. States and providers can use these to raise awareness about the services OST provides and encourage caregivers to contact a local program. You’ll find blank templates with no branding and editable art files that states and programs can tailor with their own language, logos and contact information. If you have questions or need help with these, please contact

How to Find a Program

A guide with tips on how to find a local afterschool program and what to do if your community doesn’t have a program.

What to Look for in a Program

A guide for parents on what to look for in an afterschool program to help their kids thrive at any age. (Updated August 2022)

National Parents Supporter Card

Use parent supporter cards to gather stories from parents and add contacts to your database. To request printed copies, please email Shaun Gray at

Graphics & Flyers

Social Content & Resources

File Description
Year-Round Social Themes & Posts

Access Afterschool Alliance overview of upcoming activities, events and engagement themes. Includes a calendar that provides daily posts for Twitter and Facebook, imagery suggestions and evergreen content. Calendar is updated every month!

Social Media Resources

A resource document for sharing experiences, best practices, and references we use in our social media work. All networks are invited to post info, ideas, and questions. Move between the tabs at the bottom cover 3 different topics: Platforms – Use, Tips & Notes; Benchmarks & Standards; and Ideas for Call Topics.

This is Afterschool

File Description
Graphic Library

View the latest collection of standing banners and table top displays available for events. Brand and order your own materials for future events or borrow from the lending library. States borrowing materials should check the calendar for availability and contact Nicole Wilkins ( to reserve materials.

This is Afterschool 21st CCLC Materials

We’ve developed a collection of materials to highlight your state’s outstanding 21stCCLC programs, including a program profile, story and quote card. Download this content gathering template to see examples and get started. Please email for more information or to request help with design and editing.

This is Afterschool Parent Supporter Card

Use parent supporter cards to gather stories from parents and add contacts to your database. To request printed copies, please email Shaun Gray at

Campaign Style Guide

This guide includes examples of campaign visuals and guidance about fonts, color schemes, imagery and layout to help you produce new print and digital materials.

Story Card Template

Use this Photoshop template to create your own story cards. Need help? Contact us at

Examples of Local Materials

This is Afterschool Graphics

A collection of graphics for Facebook and Twitter. Click on the graphic to download a high quality file and adapt the sample posts with state specific messages. Please contact us for editable art files.

Graphics about the Value of Afterschool

Well-being/SEL Graphics

Parent Polling Graphics

Student Outcome Graphics

Summer Learning Graphics

Lights On Billboards

Back to School Graphics

Content for National Initiatives: Mizzen & Million Girls Moonshot

File Description
Mizzen by Mott

A free app built with and for afterschool professionals that provides high-quality, engaging learning content. Includes activity playlists and multi-week modules that can be done at home or in small-group settings. Content focuses on youth learning and well-being and is provided by organizations like Nat Geo, Jazz at Lincoln Center, the California Academy of Sciences and After-School All-Stars.

Million Girls Moonshot 2021 Launch Materials

This Google Drive includes tools to help you explain, promote and engage partners in the Million Girls Moonshot. You’ll find talking points, a video, a PowerPoint deck, a series of one-pagers, a template for a state factsheet, and social media graphics. These are ready to share and easy to tailor with state or local information. You can also access 2020 launch materials and all asset packages from this main folder. Please contact if you would like the state template customized with your logo and contact information. Materials will be added as completed.

Million Girls Moonshot Engineering Mindset Toolkit

This toolkit is specifically for afterschool program staff. It is a collection of resources, tools, and activities to implement the initiative.

Million Girls Moonshot: Logo and Branding Files

Download logo files and check the identity guide for helpful tips about designing your own digital and print materials.

Million Girls Moonshot: Monthly Media Assets

Find monthly tips, posts and graphics that can be shared with network STEM staff, network partners and programs via newsletters, websites, social media and other channels. Each media assets package also includes a link to a content package, which lists webinars and professional development resources.

Million Girls Moonshot Graphics

Imagery & Videos

For imagery, we’ve moved to Flickr – it’s easier and quicker! Use this link to view and find 500+ images for your digital and print materials. These are high-quality, authentic images from afterschool and summer programs, organized in albums by topic (COVID, SEL, STEM, etc.) and state. Please be sure to include the photo credit provided when required.

Find latest collection of videos below.

File Description
Summer Enrichment Video

A 30-second animated video that shows how kids benefit from summer enrichment and makes the case for using ARP funding to support local summer programs. Intended for use on social channels.

This is Afterschool: Anthem video

A highly produced inspirational video that shows how afterschool programs challenge kids and encourage them to grow and keep learning. Note this video was completed in March 2020 and does not reflect programs during the COVID-19 pandemic–a promotion plan will be developed, likely for Fall 2021. State networks are welcome to use and share this video.

Afterschool Accomplishments

A 40-second video that shows how afterschool programs responded to the pandemic to support students and accelerate their recovery.

This is Afterschool Well-being

Students explain how afterschool programs help them build confidence, discover their passion and give back to their community.

Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool B-Roll

A short collection of footage from afterschool providers that showcases some of the exciting learning opportunities afforded to students. Can be shared with media and partners for use in news stories or other promotions. Credits (provided in clips) are required.

Afterschool Works!

A synopsis of interviews about how afterschool engages young people in learning and helps them get excited about their future.

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Inspires Future Careers

A college bound student explains how her afterschool program inspired a love of music and teaching. Student featured: Jazmyne McNair, Boys and Girls Clubs of Lawrence (a 21st CCLC site) in Lawrence, KS

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Is a World of New Opportunities

A 21st CCLC program director describes how afterschool exposes young people to enriching opportunities that help inspire future careers. Parent featured: Laticia Vacca, Program Director, C3 Afterschool Program (a 21st CCLC site) in Stratford, OK

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Connects Kids to Future Careers

A college bound student shares his excitement about earning a college scholarship and his future career path. Student featured: Colby Holmes, New Hope High School Mr. Fix It Club (a 21st CCLC site) in New Hope, AL

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Gets Kids Excited About Learning

A high school student describes how his afterschool program helped him learn to love reading and ignite his passion for filmmaking. Student featured: Matthew Tucker, Jones Middle School (Hampton Parks and Recreation), Hampton, VA

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Helps Kids Build Confidence and Improve Grades

A single dad credits afterschool for helping his young daughter transform from a struggling below average student to a confident straight A student. Parent featured: Dale Austermuhl, Joy Elementary After School Program (a 21st CCLC site) in Fairbanks, AK

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Engages Kids in Real-World Learning

A high school student explains how his afterschool program helped him develop public speaking skills. Student featured: Brennon Shope, Wayne County 21st Century Community Learning Center in Huntington, WV

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Keeps Kids Safe and Engaged

A police officer talks about the importance of partnerships between law enforcement and afterschool programs. Community member featured: Captain Tyrone Collington, City of Takoma Park Police Department, ACE Academy (a 21st CCLC site) in Takoma Park, MD

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Working Parents Rely on Afterschool Programs

Parents credit afterschool programs for helping them keep work schedules and provide for their families, and giving them peace of mind during out-of-school hours. Parents featured: Dale Austermuhl, Joy Elementary After School Program (a 21st CCLC site) in Fairbanks, AK; Kelly Quattlebaum, New Hope High School Mr. Fix It Club (a 21st CCLC site) in New Hope, AL

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Gives Working Parents Peace of Mind

A mom explains how her kids’ afterschool program gives her peace of mind at work and keeps her kids engaged in fun learning activities. Parent featured: Pamela Shope, Site Director, Playmates Preschool and Child Development Center (a 21st CCLC site) in Ceredo, West Virginia.

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Afterschool Lets Parents Work Without Worry

Kids and parents talk about afterschool a critical support that allows parents to work and not worry. Students featured: Brennon Shope, Wayne County 21st Century Community Learning Center in Huntington, WV — Matthew Tucker, Jones Middle School (Hampton Parks and Recreation), Hampton, VA — Parents featured: Laticia Vacca, Program Director, C3 Afterschool Program (a 21st CCLC site) in Stratford, OK — Kelly Quattlebaum, New Hope High School Mr. Fix It Club (a 21st CCLC site) in New Hope, AL

Sample Content for Sharing – Share via Alliance YouTube channel:

Summer Enrichment Can Be A Game Changer For Young People

A 30-second animation you can share on social media to elevate the opportunities in summer learning programs for young people.

Examples of State Materials

A collection of materials developed for individual states that can be tailored with local data and messages. Use the link to download files; view snapshots of some examples below. Questions? Email:

File Description
South Carolina: Partnering to Engage Students and Accelerate Learning

A handout developed with SCAA for a presentation to the National Assessment Governing Board—the education stakeholders who set policy for The Nation’s Report Card, also known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP. The handout focuses on key data with messages about how OST engages students, the power of partnership, and the need to expand access.

Ohio: New Ohio Graduation Requirements: Afterschool Is a Partner

A one-pager OAN disseminated to OST providers to explain new state requirements for high school graduates and the opportunity for OST programs to help students meet the criteria. Details benefits for programs and a training procotol provided by the network.

Minnesota: Equitable Learning Recovery: Lessons from the Summer of 2021

This report examined how COVID-19 federal relief funds were used to address disparities in summer 2021 programming in communities across Minnesota. It looked at the extent to which the funding enabled creative solutions to meet young people’s academic, social-emotional, and mental health needs, as well as captured challenges faced, new strategies tried, and recommendations going forward.

Vermont: Summer Matters for All Grant Program

A visual factsheet that highlights the reach and impact of Vermont’s summer grant program, which directed nearly $4 million in federal funding to support expanded learning for youth statewide.  Vermont also captured success stories from individual programs to showcase the impact of the grant awards. See the full collection of story cards.

The Future of Hawaii's OST Programs: Case for Support

Hawaii makes the case for sustainable funding for OST programs, including by highlighting the value of programs and the current funding gap. This factsheet breaks down the cost per child and various programming expenses with simple graphics.

Vermont: Addressing Mental Well-Being

Makes the case for responding to the youth mental health crisis with coordinated and urgent action, including partnering with afterschool programs. This factsheet explain the unique role OST can play in supporting kids’ mental well-being and describes the benefits of cross-agency collaboration.

The Future of Universal Afterschool and Summer in Vermont

A handout describing Vermont’s vision for statewide universal afterschool, including the rationale for supporting it and the state’s 6-step plan for delivering it.

Pennsylvania: Partnering with Afterschool to Accelerate Students' Learning and Recovery

A factsheet that summarizes the evidence base for afterschool, specific ways LEAs can partner with afterschool, and how those partnerships can save school districts time and money. Includes ROI data and highlights an example of a strong afterschool-school district collaboration.

Indiana: School & CBO Partnerships

An 8-page handout the Indiana Afterschool Network shared as part of a panel discussion they co-hosted with IDOE. Describes how strong partnerships between CBOs and schools are at the core of successful OST programs. Includes program examples and makes the case for schools to partner with OST in planning new ways to support students with relief funding.

Texas: Supporting Learning Recovery Through OST with ESSER III Funding

A 2-page handout about the role of OST in rebuilding the Texas education ecosystem to meet students’ needs and the value of collaboration between community organizations and school districts.

Afterschool Helps Alabama Thrive

This four-page brochure makes the case for afterschool in Alabama, highlighting the benefits of afterschool, including providing STEM learning opportunities; demand for afterschool programs; and programs’ COVID-19 response efforts. It invites readers to support afterschool.

Afterschool and Summer COVID-19 Response: Helping to Meet the Learning Needs of Utah Students

A two-page handout that highlights five key outcomes of afterschool programs. It provides qualitative and quantitative examples of how the Utah Afterschool Network and sites across the state pivoted to respond to COVID-19.

The Launch Pad Teen Center Teaches Arizona Teens the Power of Community Engagement, Leadership and More

A two-page handout that describes a youth-driven afterschool program. It includes program component spotlights, a student quote, and a quote from the Executive Director about why the connections the center provides are so important in COVID-19. It also describes the ways in which the program pivoted to meet students’ safety and social and emotional needs.

When Families Thrive, The Economy Thrives: Afterschool Programs Help Parents and Caregivers Return to Work

A two-page handout designed specifically for the Governor of South Carolina. It describes the importance of afterschool programs for economic recovery, as impacted by COVID-19. It asks the Governor for $5 million to safely open and operate 100 afterschool programs statewide.

Partnership Guide to Safely Reopen Schools and Out-of-School Time Programs

A guidebook that includes key findings and recommendations for opening schools and out-of-school time programs safely, and in ways that support nontraditional schedules of schools and working parents. It was written by the Maryland Out-of-School Time Network.

Partnering with Schools to Reopen

A two-page handout from the Hawaii network that describes how afterschool programs can support different scenarios for reopening schools. This piece encourages school leaders to include afterschool in planning discussions.

Afterschool and Summer COVID-19 Response: Helping to Meet Indiana’s Students’ Learning Needs

A two-page handout that highlights IN afterschool programs’ impact on COVID-19 recovery, as well as students’ academic performance and behavior. It asks supporters to partner with IN afterschool programs to address inequities, support kids’ social and emotional development and more.

Afterschool and Summer Learning Programs Are Essential for COVID-19 Recovery in Hawai'i

A two-page handout about how HI afterschool programs quickly pivoted to respond to COVID-19 and considerations for support to help programs re-open.

Innovations for an Emerging Workforce in Wyoming

A factsheet about how afterschool supports workforce development and businesses benefit by partnering with the state afterschool network.

Strengthening Michigan's Workforce

A factsheet about how afterschool programs can help to address the state’s talent shortage.

Supporting Literacy

A summary of literacy assessments for Michigan students and research demonstrating how afterschool helps students make gains in reading.

Afterschool Works! In Kansas

A one-pager highlighting how afterschool and summer learning programs are supporting Kansas’ businesses by preparing their future workforce.

Minnesota needs students with STEM skills

A one-paper explaining how investing in afterschool and summer learning STEM programs help connect kids to opportunities and build a prosperous state economy.

Afterschool Works! In Missouri

A one-pager illustrating how afterschool and summer learning programs support Missouri’s students, parents, and businesses.

Afterschool Works! In New Hampshire

A one-pager focused on how afterschool and summer programs prepare young people for college and the workforce that emphasizes STEM learning and offers specific ideas for businesses to partner with programs.

Afterschool Works! In Vermont

A one-pager describing how afterschool and summer STEM programs can help address the state’s workforce gap.

Afterschool Works! In Vermont

Graphics that explain the impact of afterschool and summer learning on the state economy.

Preparing the Workforce for a Changing Economy in North Dakota

A one-pager describing the “middle skills” workforce gap that North Dakota faces and explaining how afterschool programs help bridge the gap by preparing North Dakota’s future workforce.

Supporting Positive Futures in West Virginia

A one-pager highlighting how afterschool programs support students’ positive social emotional health and help decrease risky behaviors, which are particularly important in the midst of West Virginia’s opioid epidemic.